Supplier Diversity

At FHLBank San Francisco, we believe that partnering with diverse suppliers helps us expand our supplier network, serve our members, and help make our communities more vibrant, equitable, and resilient. We actively promote supplier diversity at all levels of our organization and pursue relationships with diverse businesses to supply the products and services we need. Our supplier database includes businesses that are owned by people of color, women, disabled persons, veterans, and members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community – and we hope to continue to expand our database of diverse partners.

Diverse Supplier Classifications

The Bank recognizes the following diverse business classifications and will accept third party certification of your business’ diversity status, if available.

In addition to these classifications, we are also interested in partnerships with indirect (Tier 2) diverse sub-contracted work and diversity spend with non-diverse-owned businesses:

  • Tier 2 Diverse Suppliers: Diverse suppliers who are subcontracted with or otherwise providing services to the Bank through a partnership with a non-Diverse supplier.
      • Ex. Supplier ABC is a non-diverse supplier currently under contract with FHLBank San Francisco. Supplier ABC subcontracts out 50% of their work with FHLBank San Francisco to a diverse supplier, Supplier XYZ.
  • Diversity Spend with non-diverse-owned businesses: amount(s) paid by a regulated entity to a prime contractor that is not a minority-, women-, or disabled-owned business for professional services (i.e. the amount paid for work performed, as may be adjusted, in connection with providing legal, accounting, or other professional or consulting services) provided by or allocated to a partner, member, or other equity owner who is a minority, woman, or an individual with a disability.
      • Ex. FHLBank San Francisco contracts with Supplier ABC, a non-diverse law firm. The amount of spend with Supplier ABC that is allocated to a diverse partner or equity owner at Supplier ABC.

We encourage partnerships with diverse suppliers in all forms.

Explore current open opportunities.

Contact Corporate Procurement for more information.

Diverse Supplier Self-Certification

If your business does not have a professional third party certification, you may qualify for our Supplier Diversity Self-Certification. To learn more, complete our certification inquiry form below.

Certification Inquiry

My company is a diverse business.
Does your company have a current professional diverse business certification?
Only one certification file may be submitted. Your file must be a PDF, no larger than 10 MB.

If you decide to work with us and submit this form, we will work with you to self-certify as a diverse supplier with FHLBank San Francisco.

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