Targeted Community Lending Plan

The Bank is proud to offer valuable resources and tools to help our members and their community partners build and shape strong, vibrant, and resilient communities.

Each year, we gather and conduct research to identify housing and economic development needs, community lending credit needs, and market opportunities in the Bank’s district of Arizona, California, and Nevada.

Pursuant to Federal Housing Finance Agency regulation, the Targeted Community Lending Plan (Plan):

  • identifies affordable housing and economic development needs in our district
  • demonstrates how these needs are being addressed by our community investment programs and outreach activities
  • specifies the Bank’s performance goals for addressing district needs​​​​​

The Bank developed the Plan in consultation with its Affordable Housing Advisory Council, Bank members, a Bank housing associate, and economic development organizations in the Bank’s district. The Plan incorporates survey data from these stakeholders and information from an extensive list of key national and state reports. 

Thank you to all of the organizations that contributed to the Plan, and for all you do to support the communities you serve.

2024 Targeted Community Lending Plan

2023 Targeted Community Lending Plan

2022 Targeted Community Lending Plan

2021 Targeted Community Lending Plan

2020 Targeted Community Lending Plan