Community Program Grants and Discounted Credit

FHLBank San Francisco members use our targeted grant and discounted credit programs to meet a wide range of affordable housing and economic development needs in Arizona, California, Nevada, and other regions where they do business.

See the benefits these program offer participating members below, then visit our detailed Community Programs section to learn more about how members can partner with affordable housing developers and community organizations to build and shape more vibrant, equitable, and resilient communities. 

Members can find more details and applications for each of the credit programs in this table on our Member Portal.

  Benefit Grant Programs Credit Programs
  AHP WISH AHEAD ACE CIP Letters of Credit

Create or preserve affordable housing

X X X   X X
Help lower-income households move from renting to owning X X     X X
Boost job creation and economic development     X X   X
Deliver matching grants for first-time homebuyers   X        

Help prevent foreclosures



Jump-start innovative economic development and housing initiatives     X      
Promote financial literacy   X X      
Support innovative economic development initiatives     X X   X
Facilitate new public-private partnerships X X X X X X
Revitalize communities X X X X X X