Additional 2021 Affordable Housing Program (AHP) and WISH/IDEA Changes

October 14, 2020

In addition to the previously announced changes to the Bank’s Implementation Plan (IP) on April 23, 2020 and in response to the Federal Housing Finance Agency amendments to the AHP Regulation on November 28, 2018, the following Implementation Plan changes will be in effect on January 1, 2021.

AHP General Fund Changes

  1. Program Name Change: The AHP Competitive program will be renamed the AHP General Fund.
  2. Sponsor Eligibility (Section II.B.3): Additional AHP project sponsor eligibility requirements now include organization type, experience, capacity, and project involvement.
  3. Modifications (Section II.G.): Added criteria for AHP projects modifications including reasonable efforts to meet application commitments. 
  4. Noncompliance Remediation (Section II.H.): The noncompliant project remediation process is outlined in detail to include reasonable efforts to cure, project modifications, and reasonable collection efforts.
  5. Prohibited Uses of AHP Subsidy (Attachment A): Prohibited uses of subsidy are clearly outlined including member AHP processing fees, capitalized reserves, and various operating expenses.

AHP General Fund Application and Scoring Changes

  1. Scoring Tie-Breaker (Section II.C.2): Revised the AHP application tie-breaker methodology to draw from four General Fund scoring criteria.
  2. Community Stability Scoring (Attachment B, Section X.6): Added AHP project relocation plan requirements including government approval, resident notification, accommodation, temporary and permanent relocation planning, and relocation budget requirements.

AHP, WISH, and IDEA Homebuyer Income Proxy

Under the AHP General Fund and the Set-Aside Programs, WISH and IDEA, if a homebuyer’s owner-occupied unit is sold within the five-year retention period, and the Bank does not have the subsequent purchaser’s income documentation, the Bank may use the HUD HOME and Housing Trust Fund homeownership value limits as a proxy for determining whether the subsequent purchaser is low- or moderate-income and if subsidy repayment is required.

The revised AHP Implementation Plan that will be effective January 1, 2021 is available on the Bank’s website now for your information only, along with a redline version.

Please email with any questions.