AHEAD Economic Development Grants

Ensuring that people living in lower-income communities have the infrastructure and resources they need to fully participate in a changing economy is an ongoing challenge. Our members and their community partners use Access to Housing and Economic Assistance for Development (AHEAD) grants to help create a brighter, more equitable future for underserved people, neighborhoods, and communities.

AHEAD grants support innovative, targeted initiatives that will create new economic opportunity by expanding proven development models or piloting new interventions. Because of our members’ networks and community connections, AHEAD funding can help low- to moderate-income communities by:

  • Creating or preserving jobs
  • Delivering job training or education programs
  • Supporting small business, microlending, and microenterprise incubation for low-income entrepreneurs
  • Addressing the special economic development needs of at-risk youth, veterans, persons with disabilities, the formerly incarcerated, and tribal communities, among others

The amount of funding for AHEAD is determined by the Bank’s board of directors annually. Grants are awarded through a competitive application process and delivered though our member financial institutions.

Eligibility Requirements

AHEAD grants are awarded to nonprofit organizations, local government agencies, and tribal associations engaged in economic development activities to meet diverse local needs in Arizona, California, and Nevada. These organizations should review our program eligibility requirements.

AHEAD Timeline

Applications for AHEAD grants submitted by Bank members will be accepted between May and June each year. The grant recipients are typically announced in September.

Disbursements for AHEAD awards must be made between award announcement in early September and the end of the calendar year in December.

The AHEAD compliance period is 18 months from the time of award in early September.


“Member” refers to financial institutions that are members of FHLBank San Francisco. Only members can submit applications for AHEAD grants, on behalf of a “sponsor” or “project sponsors.”

“Sponsor” or “project sponsor” refers to the nonprofit organization, local government agency, or tribal association that will use the AHEAD grant fundsAHEAD grants are delivered though our members.