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Bulletins and Notices
Notice No. 0018 | November 1, 2013

Revised AHP Household Income Qualification Workbook

Dear Community Investment Partner:

Under the Affordable Housing Program (AHP) guidelines, households that receive a direct subsidy through the competitive AHP or the AHP set-aside homeownership programs, WISH and IDEA, must meet the income eligibility guidelines published by the Bank.

The Bank has added clarifying language to the AHP Household Income Qualification Workbook that defines self-employment net income as "gross income less legitimate expenses." Legitimate expenses may include cost of goods (inventory) sold, car and truck expenses, legal and professional services, and rent and lease payments. Unqualified expenses may include depreciation and section 179 expenses, meals and entertainment, and, in certain cases, expenses for business use of the home.

The revised workbook is available now at If you have any questions, please email Community Investment or call 415-616-2542.


Marietta Núñez
VP, Community Lending
Community Investment Department