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May 5, 2020

2020 AHEAD Program Includes an Additional $1 Million in Funding Targeted to COVID-19 Relief Initiatives - Now Accepting Applications

FHLBank San Francisco is now accepting applications for our 2020 AHEAD Program grants, until June 2, 2020.   

AHEAD funding is delivered through the Bank’s member financial institutions to organizations in Arizona, California, and Nevada for projects and programs that are designed to benefit underserved communities. This year, the Bank has allocated $2.5 million for AHEAD grants, including an additional $1 million in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to support nonprofit organizations whose operations are impacted by the pandemic. The economic ramifications of COVID-19 are widespread and communities that rely on the support and services of nonprofit organizations may be most severely affected. The additional $1 million is intended to help nonprofit organizations struggling to adapt to increased costs, loss of staff, and postponed fundraising campaigns, so they can continue to provide critical services within the Bank’s district. 


The AHEAD Program supports targeted economic development projects designed to help lower-income communities by: 

creating or preserving jobs,

delivering needed social services,

providing job training or education programs, or

supporting nonprofit organizational and capacity-building activities. 


Applications submitted by Bank members will be accepted between May 5, 2020, and June 2, 2020. Interested nonprofit organizations are invited to contact us to connect with local Bank members active in the AHEAD Program. This year’s grant recipients will be announced in early September.


Since launching the program in 2004, the Bank has awarded over $14.5 million in AHEAD grants to 517 projects. In 2019, 35 members won AHEAD grants to support 55 local initiatives, including projects and programs aimed at:

developing a multilingual business planning app for Asian-owned micro- and small businesses.

helping women entrepreneurs in rural communities develop a digital business presence.

implementing education and employment services programs at multiple homeless shelters within the district.

starting a small business resource center and delivering bilingual small business training to Latinx entrepreneurs.

creating a new workforce development program for homeless veterans to enter the conference/trade show installation and design field.

preserving small businesses by offering technical assistance to transition to worker-owned cooperatives.


For more information about the AHEAD Program, visit our website, email or contact the Bank’s Community Investment Department at (415) 616-2542.