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Community Support Review

The Federal Housing Finance Agency’s (FHFA) Community Support Requirements regulation (12 CFR 1290) requires all Federal Home Loan Bank member financial institutions to document their community support activities for FHFA once every two years, by submitting a Community Support Statement to FHFA.

To maintain access to long-term Federal Home Loan Bank advances and Community Programs, Bank members must meet certain standards of community investment or service. In its Community Support Review, FHFA takes into account the member’s performance under the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (CRA) and the member’s record of lending to first-time homebuyers.

Members subject to review this cycle are listed below. Each institution is required to complete and submit their Community Support Statement before October 31, 2019, via FHFA’s online system, which will be available beginning April 1, 2019.

The FHFA also encourages community groups and other interested parties to submit public comments on the community support activities of the institutions under review. To ensure consideration by FHFA, comments concerning the performance of members must be submitted by April 29, 2019.

Submit comments via email:

Submit comments via fax: (202) 649-4308

Members Subject to Community Support Review


1st Bank Yuma Yuma Arizona 53234
1st Capital Bank Salinas California 54291
1st United Services CU Pleasanton California 16781
A. E. A. Federal Credit Union Yuma Arizona 52471
Aerospace Federal Credit Union Los Angeles California 55836
Alliance Credit Union San Jose California 17150
AltaOne Federal Credit Union Ridgecrest California 55135
AltaPacific Bank Santa Rosa California 53998
Altura Credit Union Riverside California 52297
American Business Bank Los Angeles California 52793
American Continental Bank City of Industry California 53433
American First Credit Union La Habra California 15749
American Plus Bank, NA Arcadia California 54110
American River Bank Sacramento California 14089
American Riviera Bank Santa Barbara California 54208
America's Christian Credit Union Glendora California 17700
Arizona Bank & Trust Phoenix Arizona 53273
Arizona Central Credit Union Phoenix Arizona 55134
Arizona Federal Credit Union Phoenix Arizona 52261
Arrowhead Central Credit Union San Bernardino California 52185
AVIDBANK Palo Alto California 54557
Axos Bank San Diego California 16456
BAC Community Bank Stockton California 53768
Banc of California, NA Irvine California 15953
Bank of America California, NA San Francisco California 12449
Bank of Feather River Yuba City California 54888
Bank of George Las Vegas Nevada 54290
Bank of Hope Los Angeles California 17075
Bank of Marin Novato California 52091
Bank of San Francisco San Francisco California 54532
Bank of Santa Clarita Santa Clarita California 54032
Bank of Southern California, N.A. San Diego California 52852
Bank of Stockton Stockton California 16038
Bank of the Orient San Francisco California 16376
Bank of the Sierra Porterville California 10050
Bank of the West San Francisco California 13975
Bay Federal Credit Union Capitola California 17158
Beacon Business Bank San Francisco California 12481
Beneficial State Bank Oakland California 54084
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Phoenix Arizona 55728
Bourns Employees FCU Riverside California 53493
Broadway Federal Bank, F.S.B. Los Angeles California 05141
C3bank, National Association Riverside California 17699
Cabrillo Credit Union San Diego California 17896
CalCom Federal Credit Union Long Beach California 56074
California Bank of Commerce Lafayette California 54338
California Bear Credit Union Los Angeles California 55845
California Business Bank Irvine California 53750
California Coast Credit Union San Diego California 52343
California Credit Union Glendale California 53606
California First National Bank Irvine California 54261
California International Bank, N.A. Westminster California 53894
Calprivate Bank Coronado California 54487
Caltech Employees FCU La Canada California 55389
CalWest Bank Rancho Santa Margarita California 16719
Camino Federal Credit Union Montebello California 55362
Canyon Community Bank, NA Tucson Arizona 52052
Canyon State Credit Union Phoenix Arizona 55664
Cathay Bank Los Angeles California 10611
CBC Federal Credit Union Oxnard California 13806
Central Valley Community Bank Fresno California 16590
Charles Schwab Bank Henderson Nevada 53057
Chevron Federal Credit Union Oakland California 15395
Chino Commercial Bank, NA Chino California 17634
Christian Fidelity Life Insurance Phoenix Arizona 56045
CIT Bank, N.A. Pasadena California 54635
Citizens Business Bank Ontario California 12237
City National Bank Los Angeles California 12900
Clark County Credit Union Las Vegas Nevada 56005
Coast Central Credit Union Eureka California 52572
CoastHills Credit Union Lompoc California 54623
Commerce Bank of Arizona Tucson Arizona 55901
CommerceWest Bank Irvine California 52968
Commercial Bank of California Irvine California 53651
Commonwealth Business Bank Los Angeles California 54085
Commonwealth Central CU San Jose California 55604
Community Bank of Santa Maria Santa Maria California 52713
Community Bank of the Bay Oakland California 53324
Community Commerce Bank Claremont California 14581
Community First Credit Union Ukiah California 54794
Community Valley Bank El Centro California 54153
Community West Bank, NA Goleta California 53024
Cornerstone Community Bank Red Bluff California 54739
Credit Union of Southern California Anaheim California 52289
Credit Union West Glendale Arizona 52242
CSAA Insurance Exchange Walnut Creek California 53026
CTBC Bank Los Angeles California 13441
Deer Valley Credit Union Phoenix Arizona 54136
Desert Financial FCU Phoenix Arizona 17391
Eagle Community Credit Union Lake Forest California 55124
East West Bank Pasadena California 07276
Eastern International Bank Los Angeles California 08084
E-Central Credit Union Pasadena California 55269
EH National Bank Beverly Hills California 55992
El Dorado Savings Bank, F.S.B Placerville California 06164
Employers Assurance Company Reno Nevada 55749
Employers Compensation Insurance Co Reno Nevada 55743
Employers Insurance Company of NV Reno Nevada 55744
Employers Preferred Insurance Co Reno Nevada 55750
Evangelical Christian Credit Union Brea California 56051
Evertrust Bank Pasadena California 52123
Exchange Bank Santa Rosa California 17740
F&A Federal Credit Union Monterey Park California 55497
Farmers & Merchants Bank of Central CA Lodi California 13589
Farmers & Merchants Bank of Long Beach Long Beach California 55441
Farmers Insurance Group FCU Los Angeles California 55699
Financial Partners Credit Union Downey California 16455
Firefighters First FCU Los Angeles California 55882
First American Trust, FSB Santa Ana California 15660
First Choice Bank Cerritos California 53873
First City Credit Union Los Angeles California 56068
First Commercial Bank (USA) Alhambra California 53004
First Credit Union Chandler Arizona 55191
First Entertainment Credit Union Hollywood California 55550
First F S&L A of San Rafael San Rafael California 06896
First Foundation Bank Irvine California 54117
First General Bank Rowland Heights California 53641
First Northern Bank of Dixon Dixon California 16087
First Republic Bank San Francisco California 54834
First Security Bank of Nevada Las Vegas Nevada 54637
First Technology Federal CU San Jose California 13672
First U.S. Community Credit Union Sacramento California 15688
Five Star Bank Rocklin California 16956
Foothill Federal Credit Union Arcadia California 54540
Fremont Bank Fremont California 09846
Fresno First Bank Fresno California 53830
Friendly Hills Bank Whittier California 54465
Frontwave Credit Union Oceanside California 55663
Gain Federal Credit Union Burbank California 15981
Gateway Bank, F.S.B Oakland California 08857
Gateway Commercial Bank Mesa Arizona 54631
GBC International Bank Los Angeles California 16655
Glendale Area Schools Credit Union Glendale California 55903
Glendale Federal Credit Union Glendale California 55906
Golden Pacific Bank, N.A. Sacramento California 13877
Golden State Bank Glendale California 54008
Golden Valley Bank Chico California 54314
Goldwater Bank, N.A. Scottsdale Arizona 54531
Greater Nevada Credit Union Carson City Nevada 55370
Hanmi Bank Los Angeles California 17483
Heritage Bank of Commerce San Jose California 16721
Heritage Bank of Nevada Reno Nevada 54315
Heritage Community CU Sacramento California 16718
Home Bank of California San Diego California 15532
Honda Federal Credit Union Torrance California 52186
Horizon Community Bank Lake Havasu City Arizona 54653
I.L.W.U. Credit Union Wilmington California 53640
International City Bank Long Beach California 15210
Kern Federal Credit Union Bakersfield California 53999
Kern Schools Federal Credit Union Bakersfield California 52076
KeyPoint Credit Union Santa Clara California 16730
Kinecta Federal Credit Union Manhattan Beach California 52007
Kings Federal Credit Union Hanford California 53849
Kirkwood Bank of Nevada Las Vegas Nevada 54392
LA Financial Federal Credit Union Pasadena California 16074
Landings Credit Union Tempe Arizona 53162
Liberty Bank South San Francisco California 53708
Lighthouse Bank Santa Cruz California 54260
Logix Federal Credit Union Burbank California 55189
Luther Burbank Savings Manhattan Beach California 07960
Malaga Bank, F.S.B. Palos Verdes Peninsula California 08089
Manufacturers Bank Los Angeles California 12962
Matadors Community Credit Union Chatsworth California 54426
Meadows Bank Las Vegas Nevada 54797
Mechanics Bank Walnut Creek California 12587
Mega Bank San Gabriel California 54340
Meriwest Credit Union San Jose California 16213
Metro Phoenix Bank Phoenix Arizona 54580
Metropolitan Bank Oakland California 08804
Mission Bank Bakersfield California 52263
Mission Bank (Arizona) Kingman Arizona 53629
Mission City Federal Credit Union Santa Clara California 55520
Mission Federal Credit Union San Diego California 12413
Mission National Bank San Francisco California 14614
Mission Valley Bank Sun Valley California 53287
Mississippi Valley Company Phoenix Arizona 52528
Montecito Bank & Trust Santa Barbara California 12016
Monterey County Bank Monterey California 10362
Monterey Credit Union Monterey California 55904
MONY Life Ins. Company of America Phoenix Arizona 56052
MUFG Union Bank, NA San Francisco California 53940
Murphy Bank Fresno California 13217
Nano Banc Murrieta California 54539
Neighborhood National Bank San Diego California 16008
New Omni Bank NA Alhambra California 15473
Nikkei Credit Union Gardena California 56033
Noble Federal Credit Union Fresno California 52789
North American Insurance Company Phoenix Arizona 56046
North County Credit Union San Diego California 54989
Northeast Community FCU San Francisco California 52439
Northern California National Bank Chico California 54148
Northrop Grumman FCU Gardena California 55737
NuVision Federal CU Huntington Beach California 14618
Oak Valley Community Bank Oakdale California 15881
One Nevada Credit Union Las Vegas Nevada 53986
OneAZ Credit Union Phoenix Arizona 53661
Open Bank Los Angeles California 53864
Operating Engineers LU #3 FCU Livermore California 53535
Opus Bank Irvine California 54105
Orange County`s Credit Union Santa Ana California 14784
Oxford Life Insurance Company Phoenix Arizona 55377
Pacific Alliance Bank Rosemead California 53985
Pacific City Bank Los Angeles California 54030
Pacific Coast Bankers Bank Walnut Creek California 16608
Pacific Enterprise Bank Irvine California 54022
Pacific Life and Annuity Company Phoenix Arizona 52988
Pacific Mercantile Bank Costa Mesa California 52151
Pacific Premier Bank Irvine California 07946
Pacific Service Credit Union Walnut Creek California 56020
Pacific Valley Bank Salinas California 53318
Pacific Western Bank Beverly Hills California 52818
Parsons Federal Credit Union Pasadena California 55787
Partners Bank of California Mission Viejo California 54530
Partners Federal Credit Union Burbank California 53260
Pasadena Service FCU Pasadena California 54958
Patelco Credit Union Pleasanton California 55561
Pima Federal Credit Union Tucson Arizona 55083
Pinal County Federal Credit Union Casa Grande Arizona 55987
Pinnacle Bank Gilroy California 54086
Pinnacle Bank (Arizona) Scottsdale Arizona 54829
Plumas Bank Quincy California 17581
Point Loma Credit Union San Diego California 17635
Poppy Bank Santa Rosa California 53703
Preferred Bank Los Angeles California 15689
Premier America Credit Union Chatsworth California 53591
Premier Valley Bank Fresno California 52365
PremierOne Credit Union San Jose California 53592
Presidio Bank San Francisco California 53929
Priority One Credit Union So. Pasadena California 17797
Provident Credit Union Redwood City California 16377
Provident Savings Bank Riverside California 06051
Pyramid Federal Credit Union Tucson Arizona 55694
Rabobank, National Association Roseville California 15124
Redding Bank of Commerce Redding California 15698
Redwood Capital Bank Eureka California 53176
Redwood Credit Union Santa Rosa California 53721
Republic Bank of Arizona Phoenix Arizona 54445
River City Bank Sacramento California 13753
River Valley Community Bank Yuba City California 54305
Royal Business Bank Los Angeles California 54845
S.F. POLICE Credit Union San Francisco California 55346
Sacramento Credit Union Sacramento California 55101
SAFE Credit Union Folsom California 52473
SafeAmerica Credit Union Pleasanton California 55862
San Diego County Credit Union San Diego California 15472
San Francisco Federal Credit Union San Francisco California 54628
San Mateo Credit Union Redwood City California 54877
Santa Clara County FCU San Jose California 54606
Santa Cruz Community CU Santa Cruz California 16127
Santa Cruz County Bank Santa Cruz California 53242
SCE Federal Credit Union Irwindale California 17897
Schools Financial Credit Union Sacramento California 55469
SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union Santa Ana California 16646
Seacoast Commerce Bank San Diego California 53127
Shell Western States FCU Martinez California 55907
Sierra Central Credit Union Yuba City California 55121
Silicon Valley Bank Santa Clara California 52480
Silver State Schools Credit Union Las Vegas Nevada 55902
Silvergate Bank La Jolla California 14732
SkyOne Federal Credit Union Hawthorne California 17676
Solano First Federal Credit Union Fairfield California 55443
South Bay Credit Union Redondo Beach California 56032
Southland Credit Union Los Alamitos California 53325
SRI Federal Credit Union Menlo Park California 53205
Stanford Federal Credit Union Palo Alto California 12985
Star One Credit Union Sunnyvale California 53747
State Bank of Arizona Lake Havasu City Arizona 17738
State Bank of India (California) Los Angeles California 16774
State Compensation Insurance Fund San Francisco California 55292
Summit Bank Oakland California 52291
Summit State Bank Santa Rosa California 07992
Sun Community Federal Credit Union El Centro California 55523
Suncrest Bank Visalia California 54494
Sunwest Bank Irvine California 14780
Technicolor Federal Credit Union Burbank California 55972
Technology Credit Union San Jose California 52031
The Bank of Hemet Riverside California 10764
The Community CU of So. Humboldt Garberville California 53510
The First Financial FCU West Covina California 16196
The First National Bank of Ely Ely Nevada 55625
THE GOLDEN 1 Credit Union Sacramento California 17736
Thinkwise Federal Credit Union San Bernardino California 53933
Town & Country Bank Las Vegas Nevada 52844
Travis Credit Union Vacaville California 17381
Tri Counties Bank Chico California 10395
TruWest Credit Union Tempe Arizona 53506
Tucoemas Federal Credit Union Visalia California 56067
Tucson Federal Credit Union Tucson Arizona 55387
Tucson Old Pueblo Credit Union Tucson Arizona 56029
Tustin Community Bank Tustin California 15161
UMe Federal Credit Union Burbank California 56053
UNCLE Credit Union Livermore California 55308
Unify Financial FCU Torrance California 55388
United Business Bank Walnut Creek California 53293
United Pacific Bank City Of Industry California 53739
United Security Bank Fresno California 14091
Uniti Bank Buena Park California 53600
Universal Bank West Covina California 05801
Universal City Studios Credit Union Burbank California 53751
US Metro Bank Garden Grove California 54352
USC Credit Union Los Angeles California 16566
USE Credit Union San Diego California 13357
Valley Bank of Nevada North Las Vegas Nevada 54226
Valley Republic Bank Bakersfield California 54933
Vantage West Credit Union Tucson Arizona 52053
Ventura County CU Ventura California 15337
Water and Power Community CU Los Angeles California 53312
Wells Fargo Financial National Bank Las Vegas Nevada 54759
Wescom Central Credit Union Pasadena California 15466
West Valley National Bank Goodyear Arizona 54056
Western Alliance Bank Phoenix Arizona 52772
WestStar Credit Union Las Vegas Nevada 55809
Wheelhouse Credit Union San Diego California 17399
Xceed Financial FCU El Segundo California 15857
Yolo Federal Credit Union Woodland California 53402