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COVID-19: Adapting and Responding to Current Conditions

At FHLBank San Francisco, our highest priorities are meeting the funding and other financial services needs of our members and administering our community investment programs while ensuring the health and safety of our employees. As the COVID-19 public health emergency escalated, we activated our robust business continuity plans for a pandemic and swiftly became a virtual enterprise, with 100% of our workforce now working remotely to conduct all normal business operations. 

As we all navigate through the challenges and uncertainties of this unprecedented crisis together, our entire FHLBank San Francisco team remains committed to providing the vital products, services, and resources our members and partners need to serve their customers and communities.


May 1, 2020 News Release:

FHLBank San Francisco Makes $10.7 Billion Available for COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Solutions Delivered by Local Lenders

The Co-Op's Members Can Use Zero Interest or Discounted Loans, Matching Funds, and Economic Development Grants to Support Pandemic Relief And Recovery in Their Communities


May 8, 2020 Member Announcement:

FHLBank San Francisco Matching Funds: A Partnership to Support Nonprofits and Small Businesses in Our Communities

The Bank is Making $1.8 million in Matching Funds Available for Our Members to Help Meet the Urgent Needs of the Communities They Serve

We provided more information about our Business Continuity Preparedness and the COVID-19 Health Emergency in an email to members on March 10, 2020. If you have any questions, please use our contact page to reach out to us.