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Bank Logos

Please follow these instructions when using the Bank’s logo:

  • Do not change the proportions of the elements of the logo in relation to each other, or adjust the size of the logotype or symbol when the identity is reduced or enlarged.
  • Do not change the size or placement relationships of the symbol and logotype.
  • Do not separate the symbol from the logotype or use one without the other.
  • Do not alter the proportions of any element.
  • Do not change the colors.
  • Maintain a border of clear space around all parts of the logo that is equal to ¼ of the width of the entire logo.

The Bank’s logo is available in the following formats:


png file (.png)
gif file (.gif)
high resolution jpeg file (.jpg)
eps file (.eps)

Black & White

png file (.png)
gif file (.gif)
high resolution jpeg file (.jpg)
eps file (.eps)