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Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco
Corporate Overview

At the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco, we promote housing, homeownership, and community economic development by linking our member financial institutions to the worldwide capital markets. Prompt, reliable access to low-cost funding enables our members to achieve their financial objectives and meet the credit needs of their communities.

Our members are headquartered in Arizona, California, and Nevada and include commercial banks, credit unions, industrial loan companies, savings institutions, insurance companies, and community development financial institutions.

We are part of a network of 11 regional Federal Home Loan Banks created by Congress in 1932. Each FHLBank is a separately chartered entity, with its own board of directors and management. The capital stock of each FHLBank is held by its members.

We make credit available so member financial institutions can make home mortgage, commercial real estate, small business, and other loans. We also support affordable housing and economic development through partnerships with local communities. As part of this effort, we contribute 10% of our income to the Affordable Housing Program, which provides grants to create affordable housing for lower-income households and individuals. Since the inception of the AHP, the Bank has awarded over $1.1 billion in grants to support the purchase, development, or rehabilitation of more than 142,000 affordable homes in Arizona, California, Nevada, and other states served by our members.

Bank Facts

Federal Home Loan Bank District:  11th District, which includes Arizona, California, and Nevada

President and CEO:  Greg Seibly

Chairman of the Board of Directors:  John F. (Jack) Luikart

Total Assets as of 6/30/19:  $106.8 billion

Total Advances as of 6/30/19:  $67.2 billion


Membership Composition as of 6/30/19:  
Commercial Banks 150
Credit Unions 147
Savings Institutions 13
Industrial Loan Companies 4
Insurance Companies 13
Community Development Financial Institutions      8
Total 335


Headquarters:  600 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94108

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 7948, San Francisco, CA 94120

Telephone:  (415) 616-1000


Revised: July 2019