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The Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco is uniquely positioned to lend value to your enterprise and help you achieve your specific business objectives. We raise funds in the global capital markets and maintain a ready supply of liquidity to provide our member financial institutions with reliable access to low-cost funding and help them meet the diverse and ever-changing credit needs of their customers and communities. For information on how we support individuals, see our first-time homebuyer or current homeowner resources.

Benefits of Membership

Our financial products and services are recognized as among the most cost-effective and versatile in the industry. Because the Federal Home Loan Banks' consolidated obligations are rated Aaa by Moody's Investors Service and AA+ by Standard & Poor's, the Federal Home Loan Banks are able to raise funds at rates that are close to Treasury security yields. As a member of the Bank, you'll be better positioned to:

Funding Options

We are a leading provider of short-, medium-, and long-term funds to member financial institutions headquartered in Arizona, California, and Nevada. Our competitively priced products include:

Credit Products

 FRCARCVRCAmortizingCallableLetters of Credit

Manage funding costs

Reduce interest rate risk

Meet liquidity needs


Fill short-term funding gaps


Reduce basis risk


Manage prepayment risk


Match-fund fixed rate loans


Match-fund adjustable rate loans


Fund mortgage pipelines


Community Programs

 Grant ProgramsCredit Programs
Create or preserve affordable housing
Help lower-income households move from renting to owning
Boost job creation and economic development      
Deliver matching grants for first-time homebuyers  
Help prevent foreclosures      
Jump-start innovative economic development and housing initiatives      
Promote financial literacy  
Support innovative economic development initiatives      
Facilitate new public-private partnerships
Revitalize communities

Become a Member

Every prospective member of the Bank is assigned a Relationship Manager who serves as the main point of contact and member advocate with the Bank. Your Relationship Manager can answer any questions you may have about the advantages of membership and how to apply.

Is My Organization Eligible?

The following types of financial institutions are eligible to apply for membership in the Federal Home Loan Banks:

In addition, some governmental agencies, authorities, organizations, or publicly sponsored corporations that meet certain regulatory requirements are eligible to be certified by the Bank as non-member housing associates. Entities chartered as corporations under state, federal, local, or tribal law may also be eligible for this designation.

Learn more about our eligibility requirements for members and non-member housing associates.

Getting Started

For more information about Bank membership and the application process, review our Membership Guidelines.

Because all Bank members are required to invest in Bank capital stock, you may also want to review our Capital Plan and annual reports.

Then email or call 415-616-2748 to receive a membership application kit, request access to our members-only website, or speak to a Relationship Manager.